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Lyra V1 deprecation - contracts & interfaces
Lyra V1 deprecation - contracts & interfaces

How to access your funds in Lyra v1 for trade and LP positions

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πŸ“£ The V1 trading interface is now deprecated. Staking, governance and LP withdrawals have been migrated to a new governance interface at:

The governance interface will be the new home for users to:

  • Stake and vote with their LYRA tokens

  • Claim and manage rewards (including V1 trading rewards)

  • Withdraw LP positions from V1 protocol

  • View trade history

How can I withdraw my LP positions from V1 protocol

All positions can be manually withdrawn either from their respective vault in the UI ( or via the contracts.

If you want to manually withdraw your position, you’ll need to find your contract link and follow the guide below.

Contract link:

Guide to withdraw manually:

πŸ†˜ How Can I Manage My Open Positions?

All open positions will automatically settle on the last Jan 26 expiry. Your cash/collateral will be safely transferred to your wallet, so no action is required on your part if you prefer this method.

If you want to manually close your position, you can manually interact with smart contracts to close positions via Etherscan. A guide is attached for assistance:

πŸ“œ How Can I Access My Trade History?

Trade history is still available via the governance dashboard here:

🀝 Support

If you have any issues migrating from v1, message us in ⁠🀝v1-migration

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